A Little Pick-Me-Up

I have been having a little bit of a crazy day today.  For some reason, I decided that I would prefer to work from home this morning.  I thought it was so that I could get a jump start on my Easter table runner.  Little did I know that the real reason I was working from home today was because I have a puppy with an upset stomach whom I’ve been cleaning up after all day.  Yuck!

In between the cleaning and furniture re-arranging and nanny-ing this sweet little girl, I have also been racking my brains trying to decide what to post for today.  Then, I checked my email and got the cutest video from my best friend.  It instantly took away my stress and made me smile and sing along, so I knew I wanted to share it with you.

Even though I didn’t get anything done with my runner, here’s a little Easter celebration a few weeks early.


*I have no idea where this video came from, or who these two little boys are, but if you have an info, please leave me a comment so I can give credit.  Thanks!

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