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As I have mentioned before, my hubby can not resist the power of a good deal.  Sometimes, this has lead to questionable purchases, such as the 10 lb bag of rice that we bought on our first grocery shopping trip as a married couple.  A year later, we were still trying to finish that bag…  Other times, such as this past weekend, it has lead to great things.

See, along with being an actor/crafter, I am also a musician.  Actually, I have been a musician longer than anything else, almost 25 years now.  (Yikes!  Putting it like that makes me feel old!)  I’ve explored music as an instrumentalist, a vocalist, and eventually as a composer/arranger.  Over the years, I’ve used various computer programs to “record” my compositions, but those programs were really better for printing and publishing sheet music, and not so much for getting a nice sounding recording.

When we moved here to Texas, and Adam began his new job, he was given a very nice Mac Book Pro that came with… ta-da! Garageband!  This program is leaps and bounds ahead of any other music software I had ever used!  And the best part is, it comes standard with the computer!  So far, I have enjoyed many hours working with this program on the weekends.  Since it is on his work computer, I can only use it when he is home.

But sometimes, I just need to be alone with my creativity.

Enter Trader’s Village.  I think I’ve mentioned this place before.  It’s a HUGE flea market just a few miles away from our house.  This weekend, as we were strolling along the never-ending aisles of vendors, Adam’s eyes lit up as he spotted a Power Mac G4.  After doing his best wheeling-and-dealing, He purchased it for $30.

It was in pretty rough shape when we first got it home and plugged it in, but, being the computer savvy tech guru that my husband is, a few evenings of work and research, and a new monitor purchase later, I now have a clean, fully-operational Mac at my disposal to work on my music at any time of the day!  I’m so excited!  Maybe I’ll pass along some samples to you in the future…we’ll see. :-)

My Little Music Studio

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