Dallas Etsy Bash

This past weekend, Adam and I headed out to my first ever Etsy craft fair. Now, I’ve been to plenty of craft fairs before, but this was the first one I’d been to that was hosted by an Etsy team, Etsy Dallas, to be specific.

Fair Map

I was on the lookout for Mother’s Day presents, but as both my Mom and Mother-In-Law are both a little difficult to shop for at a craft fair, I walked away empty handed.  HOWEVER, I had a great time, and saw a ton of awesome things!

Rachael at her booth. 3BearsStudio rocks!

Rachael’s booth was smokin’ when we got there.  She had inventory flying off her shelves!

I’m looking forward to the winter “Jingle Bash.”  But next time, I’m going with some cash set aside for me.

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