Does “Classic” Mean I’m Old?

Okay, so not only am I an actor/crafter, I am also a part-time nanny and avid video gamer. It is this last trait that lead to two hours of my life mysteriously disappearing this morning.

Wednesdays are my day off from my job as a nanny – which I very much enjoy, by the way. Usually, I try to get as much Etsy related stuff accomplished on Wednesdays, because the only other time I can devote to such things is on the weekend. This morning, however, my priorities got temporarily rearranged.

Enter SimCity Classic.

Now, if you grew up playing this game, like me, you would remember it as just plain old SimCity. I LOVED playing this game at school, but could only get so far during a single class period. Now, of course, there are much improved Sim games of all types, but there’s nothing like that sense of nostalgia that washed over me yesterday when I discovered the free-to-play SimCity Classic online.

Now, there a few differences in this online version of the original. I got none of the message reminders that I remember (incorrectly?) keeping me on track and up-to-date with the goings on of my city.
There was also the ominous message at the top of the page that kept telling me: “You are playing your daddy’s SimCity…”

Wait, what?….Whatever.

After what seemed like only a few minutes of city planning and development gloriousness, the well timed SimCity Earthquake of ’75 brought me back to reality, and a realization that half of my morning was already gone.

Another day, another city.

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