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It’s hard to believe that the end of the week has already arrived again. Every time I sit down to write a Featured Friday post, I feel like I just wrote one the day before. Is it a good thing that the weekend comes so quickly, or a bad thing that the weeks are flying by? Hmmm…

Anyway, let’s get to this week’s Featured Fridays shop!

Store Name: Butterfly Blue Designs

First Name(s): Kristin, Liz and Heidi

Physical Location: Silverton, Oregon

Inventory: “Butterfly Blue specializes in high quality unique hand-crafted designs.”…which means a variety of super cute handmade items, from shirts and hats, to items for your baby or favorite four-legged friend.

Links: shop, blog, website

As I promised in Monday’s post, “How To – Coffee Cup Sleeve”, today I am going to give you the rest of the story of my coffee cup sleeve adventure.  Like I said, I had been thinking that I would like to have one for about two weeks before I finally sat down last Friday and put together the sleeve that I featured in that tutorial.  Just about the time I got to Step #4, where you sew the fabric and batting together, I got a call from my husband.  He had been pretty active on Ebay last week and wanted me to check the mail to see if any of his packages had arrived.  He had, in fact, three packages that day, and he asked me to immediately open up one in particular.

Upon opening the package in question, the first thing I noticed was that it did not come from an Ebay seller, but from an Etsy seller.  As I turned the package upside down, out slipped, you guessed it, the prettiest little coffee cup sleeve.  All I could do was laugh!  He had no idea that I was in the middle of making one at that very minute, and I was just so touched that he had secretly created his own Etsy account and made his very first purchase of a gift for me.  And where did that sleeve come from?  Butterfly Blue Designs!

What a cute shop this is!  Along with the variety of coffee cup sleeves they have, they also have a neat collection of tooth fairy pillows – with hangers – which I imagine might come in very handy for a less-than-stealthy tooth fairy.  There are also a number of must-haves for the true OSU fan.  Being from Texas, I probably shouldn’t mention that, but in this case I’ll make an exception. :-)  One of the things that led my husband to purchase from Butterfly Blue Designs is their wonderful photography.  Yet another confirmation that great photos are essential to Etsy success (something I’m still working on).

For more ideas of some of the things you can find in their shop, take a look at a few of my favorites.  The first one is my new coffee cup sleeve!

Coffee Sleeve / Coffee Cozy - Cranberry Hearts
Green Dinosaur / Dragon Fleece Childrens Hat
Brown Paisley - Multi-Pocket Wallet
Magnetic Display and Memo Board - Travel with magnets

*In case you are wondering about the fate of the sleeve that was featured in my tutorial, I embroidered it with pink initials and gifted it to a friend.

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