How To – Coffee Cup Sleeve

I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a reusable coffee sleeve lately. Every time I swing by the 7-Eleven to grab a coffee on my way to work, the thought crosses my mind. I’ve seen tons of cute ones, and while I’m not up to the point of keeping a (clean) reusable coffee cup with me at all times, I figured I could just toss the sleeve in my purse and have it handy for whenever the need arises. It would cut down on the amount of trash I throw out, and look stylish too! After a few weeks of debating, I decided that, since I sew, I would just make one myself. I was quite pleased with the way it turned out, and thought I’d pass along the process to you.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A cup and cardboard coffee sleeve from your favorite coffee shop

One or two different fabrics



Sewing Needle


A Sewing Machine


Step 1:
Start by taking apart the cardboard coffee sleeve, separating it where it is glued together.

Step 2:
Using the cardboard sleeve as a pattern, trace around it on the wrong side of the fabric that will be on the outside of the sleeve.  Do the same with your batting.

Outer Fabric

Now, flip the cardboard sleeve over and trace around it on the wrong side of the fabric that will be on the inside of the sleeve.

Inner Fabric

*Make sure you flip the cardboard sleeve over, otherwise your fabric pieces will not line up correctly when you sew them together.

Step 3:

Cut out all three pieces, and stack them directly on top of one another as follows:

Bottom – Inside fabric, right side up

Middle – Outside fabric, wrong side up

Top – Batting

Illustration to show stacking order. Make sure you actually stack them right on top of one another

Step 4:

Pin around the edges of the stack.  Then, either using your sewing machine or by hand, sew around the edges, leaving open the end that will be underneath the finished end.  Remove pins.

Pinned Fabric
Sew closed, leaving one end open.

Step 5:

Reach through the open end, between your two fabrics, and turn the sleeve inside-out.  Press around the edges.

Turn inside-out.
Press edges.

Step 6:

Sew  around the outside edges of the sleeve, making sure to close the open end.

Sew edges.

Step 7:

Using the coffee cup as a guide, wrap sleeve around the cup so that it hugs the cup.  Pin the overlapped ends together, making sure the nicely finished end is on top.  Sew the sleeve closed.  I sewed mine by hand, but using a sewing machine is just fine.  Remove pins.

Pin and sew.
Closed sleeve.

Voila!  Now you have a reusable coffee sleeve to help protect your paws from your favorite hot beverages. :-)

Finished sleeve in action. Front…
…and back.

*There is a bit more to this how-to story than meets the eye.  Check back for this week’s Featured Fridays to find out the details.

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