iPhoney 4 – a venting session

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My hubby and I have officially become a part of the iPhone crowd, as of this past Thursday.  We did the pre-order in the store so that we were sure to get them the day they came out.  He has been like a kid who has been told that they won two years of free all-you-can-eat ice cream.  He’s constantly been showing me new apps he is discovering, and figuring out new ways to make them even more useful.

I however…

Let’s just say that I have not yet reached the level of elation that he has.  To begin with, I had great difficulty getting my phone activated.  It was picked up around 10:30 on Thursday, and only finally became active this morning at around that same time.  This was after multiple calls to AT&T customer service until we eventually found someone who could help us.

Now, the phone has been finally been activated.  What a relief!  So, I make a call to my mom.  And nothing.  There is something off with the ear speaker.  I can get connected to someone, but they sound like they are 500 miles away.  The same thing happened with my hubby’s phone when he activated it, but it worked itself out pretty quickly.  Mine?  Not so much.

So, for now, no calls to be sent or received with my new iphone.  Or should I say iPhoney?  I’m beginning to suspect that they have sold me an iPod Touch in disguise.

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