Podcaster Hangout December 2012

It was so much fun to have Jo of Shinybees join with Laura of Apocalyptic Diner, Martine of iMake and me in a holiday edition of the Podcaster Hangount. You can still view the hangout on the YouTube page for CraftLifeInMotion, or check out the video in the window below!

Here are some things we chatted about in this hangout:

Laura’s Limoncello
Martine’s Raspberry Gin
Kilner Bottles (for sale on Ebay)
Snap Chat
Amanda’s Fruitcake Cookies
Barm Cake
Guernsey Biscuits (scroll down to find pic and recipe)
Rusk (US/UK)
Rusk recipe(South Africa)
Louise of Caithness Craft Collective
Very Vegan Christmas Cookies Book
Martine’s Christmas Wrapping
Martine’s Vanilla Extract
Feast of the Seven Fishes
Tamales for Christmas
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
Hurricane Sandy Relief Fundraiser
Twiglet Mitts by Martine (iMake)
Nympheas Scarf by Mimi Hill
Nurturing Fibers
Frostlight Scarf by Robin Ulrich
Twist ‘n Turn Barbie commercial
A La Carte Kitchen commercial
She-Ra dress-up costume (scroll down – alas, no comercial to be found, and this is the best pic I could find, though not exactly like mine)
Sega Mega Drive commercial (that’s Sega Genesis for you US peeps)

Infographic on US vs UK food names:

photo courtesy of waferboard

US – french fries     UK – chips

photo courtesy of soleiletoile

US – chips     UK – crisps

photo courtesy of Isabelle Palatin

US – cookies     UK – biscuits

photo courtesy of jeffreyw

US – biscuits     UK – ??? (suggested possibilities: baps, barm cakes, Guernsey biscuits)

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