Save The Pink Bathrooms! (and an atomic themed treasury)

In my continuing exploration of all things atomic, I stumbled across this website devoted to a truly worthy cause:

Oh pink bathroom, how do I love thee?

Before moving here to the Lone Star state, we were living in a lovely, large ranch style house that my grandparents built.  The interior had seen many design changes over the years, but one thing that I remember never changing (at least as long as I have been alive) was the pink bathroom.  This oasis featured pink wall and floor tiles, a pink tub and toilet, and duel pink sinks.  White and gold accented the pink in the mirrors, counter tops, sconces and wall paper.  Two white saloon-style swinging doors separated the sink area from the tub/toilet area.  My oh my – that was an awesome bathroom.

And here I thought that bathroom was pretty unique.  Little did I know that the pink bathroom was a pretty popular thing back in the day – so much so, that there are many people now who have inherited those pink bathrooms and pledged to preserve them.

Now that we have moved far, far away and have had to bid farewell to that pink bathroom, I must confess that I do miss it.  I will dig around and see if I can find a picture of it somewhere.  I know I’ve seen pics of my sister and cousin in it getting ready for prom…

Where did this pink craze come from?  The Save The Pink Bathrooms website has a great little write-up on the history of this “Mamie Pink” and how it became so popular.

Now, in continuation of my new atomic obsession, I put together a little atomic-themed treasury yesterday morning.  Check it out here, and pass along your clicks and comments!  And to further whet your appetite, here is a look at my alternates.  Happy browsing!

EAMES ERA CaTHaY AToMiC CHINA MoSAiC TiLES - by katiedesigns4u
VINTAGE 50's ATOMIC Pattern Tea and Dessert DISHES - by babylonsisters
Atomic Playtime - by josieportillo
Atomic Drinking Glasses, Set of 5, Black and Gold - by 2BoredBunnies

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