Some May Think I’ve Gone Too Far

CARD – Intervention BLACK LINOCUT kitty cat – by thebigharumph

At the end of the most recent exhausting work week, I sat myself down on the couch to revel in a little r&r.  A few moments later, my hubby sat down on the couch opposite me, called the dogs over to him, and began plotting with them.

“Babies,” he said in hushed tones, “I think it’s time we stage an intervention.”

“Who do you want to intervene with?”  I asked, interrupting their discourse, and mentioning that he might possibly be referring to an acquaintance who may have begun turning up the bottle a little too often.

“I’m talking about you,” he said.

I put down my knitting and looked up.  Whatever could he be talking about?

“At work on break, you’re knitting.  When we’re watching tv in the evenings, you’re knitting.  On the weekends, you’re knitting.  Every time I look at you, you’re knitting.”

I chuckled to myself.  He’s right, you know.  I can not deny it.  I love to knit.

While they say that knitting is a gateway craft, I only came to it back in August.  I had always wanted to learn to knit, and I had learned to crochet back when I was little.  A friend of mine, a non-knitter, purchased the book, “Pretty in Punk,” by Alyce Benevides and Jaqueline Milles, last fall when she became enamored by the hat on the front cover – a double-sided Union Jack with ear flaps, complete with a red, white and blue mohawk.  After making the purchase, and realizing she could not knit, and had no intention of learning how, she gifted the book to me, knowing the crafty gal that I am and hoping it may some day be of use.

The rest, as they say, is history.

With the help of some wonderful online videos (many thanks to Amy Finlay at, I have become another one of the thousands of self-taught knitters.  My iPhone has become cluttered with all manner of knitting podcasts (current personal favorites include Cast On, iMake, and Electric Sheep).  I am a new Ravelry member (stop by and see me, TreaclAndInk).  My knitting que is growing longer by the minute.  And in an attempt to put my new obsession to good use, I recently joined my church’s charity knitting group, Threads of Grace.

Where will this new obsession lead?  Who knows?

Knitted Lab Rat in an actual dissection tray – by CraftyHedgehog
green lumberjack hat with ginger beard – by taraduff
Dr Spok Star Trek style finger puppet – by dingdongdesigns
Forest Glen Knit Chucks – by Pretty Sneaky

The possibilities are endless!

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