Sourdough Starter – Days 8 and 9

Day 8: (evening) After missing the morning feeding, the starter looked pretty sickly by the evening. It was very thin, with a layer of liquid (hooch) on the top. Stirred down the hooch and fed starter.

Starter Day 8

(morning) Starter looks good again! But… skipped a feeding again. As I said, the Crafty Baby does take priority. We had another early morning appointment today, so I had to choose between feeding the baby or feeding the starter. Baby wins.

Day 9: (evening) Starter looked much like it did last night, only thinner, almost watery. Stirred in hooch and fed starter.

(morning) Starter looked good once again. There were some nice bubbles on top. Fed starter.

My starter recipe suggested that it would be ready to use by Day 5, and I’m already on Day 9 here. My research suggests that the starter is not ready to use until it doubles in volume between feedings, and that hasn’t happened since Day 2…

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