Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Guys

I had the great fortune to snag another treasury yesterday.  I had one all made up in poster sketch, but had missed the past few treasury openings.  Since the title is “Valentine’s for Him”, it was imperative that I get one fairly soon, or Valentine’s Day would have come and gone, and it would be back to the drawing board.

I’ve had so many people ask me about treasuries, I’ve decided to give you a quick explanation.

If you’ve never built (or seen) a treasury before, here’s a little about how it works.  A treasury consists of 12 items chosen by the curator (in this case, me).  Usually these items follow a theme.  They may all share a similar color; they may all be from sellers who donate a percentage of profits to a specific charity; they may just be 12 items that the curator really likes.  This particular treasury is made up of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for guys.

One neat thing about treasuries is that it makes the treasury items and sellers more visible.  It generates more traffic to those specific shops.  The curator can only do so much, however.  It is up to the Etsy community (that’s you) to browse the treasuries, click on items they are interested in, and/or leave comments on the treasury page.  The more clicks and comments a treasury gets, the “hotter” it is.  Treasuries that are high up on the “hot” scale have a good chance of being chosen by the Etsy administrators to go on the Etsy home page.  This is pretty much the goal of every treasury curator.

So, now that that’s thoroughly explained, I thought I’d share a little inside info with you. As I have said, every treasury consists of 12 items, however, each curator can also choose up to four alternates, and these alternates may never be seen by the viewers.  I always choose four alternates, then if one of my 12 treasury items is sold, I swap it out with an alternate.  For this particular treasury, I have only swapped out one so far.  So, here’s a peek at the four alternates, just for my readers!

This item was sold fairly quickly, so it was swapped out with an alternate.

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