6 Lessons in 6 Months

I’m a sucker for “Top (fill in the blank) Lists.”

Since the Crafty Baby has officially hit the 6 month mark, I thought I’d share with you the “Top 6 Things I’ve Learned In The First 6 Months!”

1. The baby will not starve in the time it takes you to make a personal restroom run first thing in the morning. I was so “on point” when we first brought home the Crafty Baby that I spent most mornings during her first couple of months with attention divided between enjoying our morning routine and trying to get it all wrapped up before I wet my pants. Of course the little one’s needs come first, but don’t completely loose sight of Mamma’s needs either.

2. Log it so you remember it – especially early on when things are a blur. I got off to a slow start as a breastfeeding mom, so we sought the assistance of a lactation consultant to help get things going. She had me log everything about the baby’s activities over three days – feeding volume, wet diapers, dirty diapers, sleep time, etc. This really helped us get a clear picture of the baby’s overall wellness. Since an Excel sheet was a little cumbersome to keep up with, I went in search of an app that did the same thing, and came across the iBreastfeed app by Medela. This worked perfectly for my needs, and best of all, it’s a free app.

3. When you thing that the last thing the baby could be upset about is because she’d hungry, she’s probably hungry. How many times have I said, “I can’t figure out why she’s upset, but I know she can’t be hungry?” I don’t care if she just ate an hour ago, if I catch myself saying those words, the Crafty Baby is hungry.

4. Random strangers will stop you for a conversation literally every time you leave the house with your little one. This one is kind of awesome, unless you’re the kind of person who would rather keep to yourself and avoid small talk. So far, we haven’t had an outing during which someone has not stopped us to smile and chat with the little one, and try to get her to smile back. The conversations are all pretty much the same: “Boy or girl?” (yeah, still get that one), “How old is she?”, “She looks so happy!”. But, what I love about the whole thing is that these strangers walk away from the encounter smiling. And as a mom, I am just thrilled that she is already brightening peoples’ days and bringing smiles to their faces.

5. Taking time to recharge your batteries – WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY ABOUT IT – is important. Sometimes, we just want to be appreciated for our bow and arrow sniping skills or ability to dispatch a camp of nefarious bandits using only our wits and a trusty blade (or, maybe that’s just me…) instead of the speed at which we can change a diaper or our ability to identify the exact location of every item in the diaper bag without opening it. Two weeks ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning feeling blue, for no apparant reason. Adam suggested I take the afternoon off and hunker down in the Man Cave with my favorite video game, which I hadn’t touched since before the Crafty Baby was born. He took care of the baby and house stuff while I felt completely free of any responsibilities, and lost myself in a world of adventure for a few hours. It was WONDERFUL. I emerged from the afternoon feeling like a new person, and consequently, a rejuvinated mom for it.

6. You will never TRUELY understand certain things about your own mother until you become one yourself. I know my mom loves me, and that everything she has done for me has been motivated by her love – I’ve always known that. But now that I’m a mom, I get it. I guess it’s the difference between knowing something cognatively, and knowing something through experience. It’s a different kind of knowledge. True, there are some things about my Mom that I’ll probably never get, but the things that have to do with being a Mom, those I’m starting to understand.

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