Baby Dress – Attempt Number One

As I have mentioned before, during the week, when I’m not crafting, blogging, or doing the actor or housewife thing, I take care of a little girl. When I say little, I mean that she is eight months old… not necessarily that she is little. She has grown so fast that she is now able to wear 12 month-old clothes. She is not so much big around as she is long. Most of her 8 month onesies fit her everywhere else except for being too short.
I got to thinking, “What if I could convert some of her too-short onesies into dresses?  That way she would get some more wear out of them.”
So last week, I brought home four onesies that she had outgrown in an attempt to match them up with my stash of fabric scraps and see what magic I could make.

Dress Attempt Number One:

First dress attempt.

I cut off the bottom of this onesie and used some of the scraps to make the little rosette.  The skirt is pretty basic, and I made relief cuts up the sides so that it would accommodate her bottom.  As I attempted to try it on her, I discovered the one thing I had not taken into account.

Babies have big noggins.

They just do, and I had completely forgotten that.  So, I couldn’t even get the dress to go over her head.  Most of my scrap fabric consists of 100% cotton, non-stretchy material, which is not the most baby friendly.

Dress One Final Determination: FAIL

Failure, however, is not always a bad thing.  There are several things I have learned from this project that I will carry over to my next attempt.  After all, I still have three more onesies left.

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