Baby Dress – Attempt Number Two

If you remember, I have the joy of babysitting a little girl part-time during the week.  Her mom passed along to me some onesies that she had grown too long for, and I am trying to see if I can make anything good out of them.

Dress Attempt Number Two:

Second dress attempt.

After some lessons learned from my first try, which was a big FAIL, I made some adjustments in this dress.  First of all, I measured the baby noggin!  Then I discovered the joy of elastic thread.  This was only my second time trying out elastic thread, and it definitely helps.  The bottom three ruffles are split up the back, so we’ll have to find some cute little bloomers to try on with this one, but at least it goes on over her head…..barely :-)  Yes, even with my careful measurements and the elastic thread, I still probably should have made the waist even wider.  All this in an attempt to avoid snaps and buttons.
What do you think?  Got any suggestions for me?

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