CraftLife Episode Eight – Crafting For Good – Part Two


I had an absolutely lovely time va/stay-cationing with my family in and around my home town of Newberry, South Carolina.

If saving the world at the point of an animated gun is your idea of a good time, I might peg you as a Call Of Duty: Black Ops player.

Yes, I went and did it. I made the cut! And, you can too. Locks of Love and Pantene Beautiful Lengths are two places you might want to consider sending your donation.

Before “the cut”…
… and after.
1 hr post-donation. Grabbing a quick pic in the the bathroom to shoot to my bff.










If you did NOT want to knit in public with me on WWKIP Day, you could have joined me for a little cruise on Lake Murray.

Though Treacle and Ink on Etsy has been shamefully neglected lately, it is all due to preparations happening in the background for Treacle and Ink Goes Pink for breast cancer research fundraising in the month of October.

The Ravelry rumor mill reports that a magazine full of Jane Austen inspired knitwear will be coming out late this fall! I read about it in this thread.

CraftLife has spread its wings! You can now follow CraftLife on Twitter.

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