Don’t Throw That Away/My Etsy Hero

When I returned home from work yesterday, I discovered a large cardboard box sitting on the counter in the kitchen.  I knew I hadn’t put it there, so there was only one possible explanation.

“Adam, what’s in this big box on the counter?”

“Champaign glasses from work.  They bought them for some function, used them once, and then they were just going to throw them away.  So, I asked them if I could have them.”

I peeked into the box to find sixteen Champaign glasses – used once, and they were going to throw them away!  Can you believe the way some people waste things?

As I stood there looking at the glasses, I had an idea.  I’ve been brainstorming ideas for new items that would go well with the theme of Treacle And Ink.  If these glasses were painted, they would make wonderful additions to my Etsy shop!  I’ve done a little glass painting before, and I always love the way the hand painted glasses look.  I’ve got coasters covered, now I’ll have something to use on the coasters!

My husband is totally my Etsy Hero!

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