Feeling A Bit Camp-y

As of right now, my hubby and I are planning on going camping for at least one night this weekend.  I love camping, although I haven’t done it in quite some time.  There is just something about being outdoors in the fresh air, away from the city and…yes, even technology.  When we lived in SC, one of my favorite “retreat” places to run away to on a free weekend was Bonclarken – the mountain retreat and conference center for the Associate Reformed Presbyterian denomination.  Ahhhh!  Tall, tall pine trees, winding mountain paths, clean air, rolling mountains.  What could be better?

Here’s a list of a few things I’m hoping to do this weekend: fish, make and eat banana boats and s’mores, hike with my dogs, chat around the camp fire, nature photography, play cards…I could totally go on.  :-)

If you have never made banana boats, you are missing out in a big way!  Here’s the quick recipe from my Girl Scout days:

Leaving the peel on the banana, cut a slit into the banana along the inside curve (without cutting through the other side) creating a pocket.  Stuff the banana with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.  Wrap the banana in aluminum foil and place on the coals of the campfire  for about ten minutes – just long enough to warm the banana and melt the chocolate chips and marshmallows.   MMMMM, ohhh so good!  (I’ve made this in my oven on a non-camp day as well.  Why wait?)

Having camping on the brain this past week, what other theme could I possibly pick for my new treasury?  Check it out here, and once you do, check out these other great camp inspired ideas!

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King of all Thermos - 2 QT Picnic Jug - King Seeley - by EmpireFashion
Camping Home Sweet Home Card - by candyspotting

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