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As you know, I have been struggling with a little case of motivational paralysis in regards to my sewing endeavors.  This is not a great thing, since most of the items I sell require sewing.  However, it has afforded me an opportunity to look inwardly and try to better understand my creative self.

Tandoori Spice Kit with RECIPES - Small - by cooksoutsidethebox
One thing I know for sure, I enjoy being creative in multiple ways.  I’m an actor, musician, and crafter (sewing in this case), but I also love to cook and invent new recipes, draw, and write.  I relish opportunities to be creative in new ways, whether it’s visiting a pottery painting studio, or discussing a film project with my hubby.  It’s this desire to always try new things that got me thinking and lead me to the conclusion that I get bored with the same thing after a while.  I’d always thought that, when those lulls came, perhaps I had just finished my ride of inspiration on that

particular creative wave, and that’s probably still true sometimes.  But now I’m thinking that, in some other cases, I just get bored.

handmade journal — celtic theme – by thevillagestar

So instead of trying to face this problem head-on, I’m going to attack from a different angle.  Instead of focusing onsewing, I’m going to turn my energies to something completely different: creative writing.

Two nights ago I was trying to fall asleep, and unfortunately, we had watched a particularly suspenseful movie shortly before bedtime.  That’s always bad for me because it keeps my mind racing.  I asked Adam to make up a nice story to tell me so I could have that on my mind instead.  He very kindly obliged, and strung together a very few words.  It wasn’t Shakespeare, but it was enough to get the wheels in my head turning.  I think his little germ of an idea would make a great children’s story, so that is what I have set out to write.

Hopefully, by giving my sewing a rest for a bit, I’ll be able to return to it soon with renewed vigor.

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