Free Coffee, And A Sleeve To Go With It

Today finds me putting together another coffee cup sleeve.  This one is to replace the one I made in the post How To – Coffee Cup Sleeve. If you remember, that one, which was given to a dear friend, became so attached to the first cup it tightly hugged, that it refused to let go and accompanied the cup on the rest of it’s journey to the Garbage Kingdom.

My decision to make a reusable coffee cup sleeve stemmed from my everyday need to consume coffee and tea and also the desire to take another small step toward lessening the amount of garbage I throw away.  Now I have yet another motivation to decrease the size of my footprint.


Starbucks is giving away free coffee tomorrow!

That’s right.  If you bring in your reusable travel mug tomorrow, April 15, they will fill it up with coffee for FREE!  Check it out here at “The Big Picture”.  Woo hoo!  I love coffee.

I haven’t yet made the leap to having a reusable coffee cup ready and with me at all times, although I have been encouraged to do so by my super sweet 7-eleven lady on several occasions.  I don’t keep one in the car, and don’t think to grab one out of the cabinet when I head out the door.  Then there is the matter of remembering to take it out of the car and wash it for it’s next use…  Kind of like how I have a stockpile of reusable grocery bags that I never seem to remember to bring until I’m in the checkout line.

I need to stop making excuses, I know.  At least the sleeve is small enough that it stays in my purse, so it’s with me wherever I go.  If you’re not up to the task of keeping a reusable coffee cup with you, I encourage you to try out the sleeve.  It still makes one less thing you throw away…unless you’re my dear friend. :-)

What are some small changes you have made to help reduce your waste?

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