Fresh Start

Things are certainly looking a bit different around here, huh? When last we met, dear friends, oh waaaay back in December, I announced that Adam and I were expecting a new addition to the Crafty family. (Check out episode 28 for the details.) At that time, I also mentioned that the creation and publishing of new podcast episodes would likely be sporadic as I got progressively larger, busier, and more tired. Little did I know that the Crafty Baby would be here before I managed to put out another episode!

There have been a lot of changes going on, and just about all for the better. Adam and I welcomed a healthy and happy baby girl into the world on Easter Sunday, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Over the past few months, as we have adjusted to our new roles as parents, we have enjoyed watching her grow and learn. I have also made the transition from the corporate world to the full-time Mom world, and I have to say that my little one is pretty much the best co-worker ever. :)

“And how has the Crafty Baby affected your Craft Life?” you ask.

In a big way. Let’s just say that for most of 2013, my craft time has been replaced by baby time – and that’s just fine. But, as you know, creative people MUST be creative, or we shrivel up and die. The good news is that the Crafty Baby and I are finding our rhythm, and I have begun to be able to carve out bits of time here and there to get some making done.

So what does this mean for CraftLife? Well, it means a few things, actually.

First of all, unless this is your first time visiting the website, you’ve noticed that has received a much-needed makeover! I’ve been contemplating a makeover for months, and now seemed like the perfect time to give the ol’ girl a fresh coat of paint. This isn’t the first makeover the site has seen. She’s changed and transformed quite a bit in both look and purpose (as have I!) since that first blog post in 2010.

Secondly, there will be more blogging! Let’s be real here – for me, writing, recording, editing and publishing one podcast episode usually takes at least a day. Writing a blog post takes significantly less time. And, since my spare time is at a premium right now, blogging is going to be the best way for me to keep the crafty goodness coming. Which leads me to…

Thirdly -you can expect more mentions of the baby. This blog (and podcast) is all about living the creative life. My life now includes a little person, so naturally some of my crafting and creating will be geared towards her. That is not to say that everything is suddenly going to be all hair-bows, tutus and baby knits (though those are all most excellent things), but the Crafty Baby will likely be the inspiration or reason behind many of my future creative endeavors.

And lastly, the podcast is not dead – it is merely in hibernation. I am itching to get back behind the mic and have tons of ideas for more song parodies – and, there has recently been talk over on Twitter between @iMakeGuernsey, @lgesin and I regarding a new Podcaster Hangout.

Stay tuned!

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