How To – Cross My Heart Box

Back in the fall of last year, my husband and I were on our way home from an anniversary trip when we spotted a billboard for a Russell Stover outlet.  Considering the deep and lasting relationship that I have with chocolate, we decided that stopping in to pay our respects was the only decent thing to do.  Who knew they were having a sale on all of their Valentine’s Day chocolate heart boxes?  Buy one get seven free.

Yep, that’s right, eight boxes for the price of one.

My husband, who is incapable of passing up a good deal, thought it best to just get a whole case.  So, we left with 24 boxes of chocolate.  Now we are both on diets, but that’s for another post.

As we finished off box after box of chocolate, they stacked up in my storage room awaiting the day when they would be repurposed into something even better.  And so was the beginning of my Cross My Heart Boxes.

For this How To, we’ll be looking at my Emma style.

Make sure to start with a clean box, free of dust.  Using a can of matte white spray paint, spray around the side edges of the box, as well as around the edges of the inside of the top or bottom if it is not already white.  Three coats were enough for me, but you just want to be sure that there is no red showing through.

Once the paint is dry, apply three coats of mod podge to the outside of the top lid using a small sponge brush.  You want to make sure to get it in the cracks in the design so that the surface becomes smoother.  Apply at least one coat to the outside of the bottom lid as well since the cardboard absorbs a little.

Once the top and bottom have dried, apply another coat of mod podge and cover the lids with a solid piece of fabric, pressing firmly, and making sure the fabric is smooth.  If needed, apply a little more mod podge to the edges and press down again.

Trim away the excess fabric, following the shape of the heart, leaving between 1/4 and 1/2 in. of fabric all the way around.  Pointing the tip of your scissors toward the box, make small snips in the fabric around the curves of the box.  The curvier the section, the closer the snips.  Be sure NOT to snip the fabric all the way up to the edge of the box, but leave enough room between the snip and the box so that when the fabric is folded over, it covers the edge.

Apply mod podge to the inside rim of the box and, working from the point of the heart upwards, fold the fabric over to cover the edge.  Do one side from point to top, then do the other.

Once you have your top and bottom covered, it’s time to add the design to the top.  Cut one strip of fabric measuring 1 1/2 in. wide.  From a coordinating fabric, cut two strips, one measuring 3/4 in. wide, and the other measuring 1/2 in. wide.  Working from the bottom layer up, apply mod podge to the back of the fabric strips and arrange them on the top of the box, pressing firmly, and trimming and turning under the edges just as you did with the other fabric.

Now that the outside of the box is complete, let’s turn our attention to the inside.  Cut two hearts out of decorative scrapbook paper, one to fit the inside of the top, and one for the bottom.  Apply a thin layer of mod podge to the inside of the top lid and press in the paper, running your fingernail around the edges to ensure it adheres completely.  If you want, you can sweep a dry sponge brush over the paper to work out any small bubbles that may have occurred.  Don’t worry too much if the paper looks a little wrinkly.  As it dries, the paper will smooth out a good bit.

And that’s it!  Now you have a repurposed heart-shaped candy box that is perfect for gift giving, or just for decoration.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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