Now I’ve Gone And Done It

While you may not have read any posts about it lately, my atomic/mid-century modern obsession is still full blown.  As a matter of fact, while my mother-in-law was out thrift store and garage sale shopping this weekend, she sent me pictures of two atomic bar stools.  I was going to asked her to pick them up for us, until she told me that they were orange and not reddish/pinkish as they appeared in the picture.  Oh well.

I may not have gotten the bar stools, but I did manage to win a little something off of Ebay this weekend.  Check these out!

Salem North Star S&P Shakers

I first introduced you to this pattern in my post “Mid Century Modern and Atomic Design – My New Obsession”.  Ever since I discovered this pattern, I have been ogling various pieces on Etsy and Ebay, dreaming of one day having a set of my very own to use as my everyday dishes.  I have all sorts of excuses as to why I don’t need to get them.  They don’t match the reds and yellows in my kitchen.  I already have a very practical and plain cream-colored set of Correlle dishes that I picked up from Wal-Mart.  Besides that, I’m so clumsy that if a set of these dishes were to wind up in my possession, there are sure to be dish casualties, and thus more irreplaceable pieces lost forever.

Then I saw this S&P set for the right price on Ebay.

I thought to myself, “It’s not too hard to find plates and cups, but salt and pepper shakers don’t come around as often.  If you think you’d ever like to have a set of these dishes, you might want to pick these up now.”

And so I did.

As soon as I won the auction, I knew that I had started something that I wasn’t going to be able to stop.  This little set of salt and pepper shakers was just the beginning of something much bigger.  I’ve got my eyes on a few Etsy listings right now for which I’m going to squirrel away a few dollars here and there.  But do me a favor, don’t tell Adam!  He thinks we have too many dishes already!

And remember that Federal Patio Snack/Luncheon set?

Federal Patio Snack Set

I managed to acquire another set of them, but, well, I mourned the sale of the first set so much that I decided to keep the second set for myself!  What am I thinking?

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