Spa Day

I have to get a bit off of the Etsy path for a moment this morning and turn a little attention to my doggies.  We have two – Pemberley, who is two years old, and Catti-brie, who is six months old.   It is generally accepted as truth that Pemberley is one of the sweetest, softest, cuddliest, and prettiest dogs that a person will ever meet.

Catti-brie, on the other hand…

Well, let’s just say that Catti-brie went from being a tiny brown bundle of puppy cuteness…

…to a scraggly grayish brownish combination of an old mountain man and Andy Warhol.

So, this weekend, I bundled the both of them off to PetSmart for a rare day of pampering and beautification, with strict instructions from my husband that Pemberley be returned with a bandanna, and Catti-brie with bows.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results!

What do you think?  Is Catti-brie giving Pemberley a run for her money in the cute department now?

Back on the Etsy path, I’d like to send a shout out to metamorphic,who has just featured my Sophia styled Tea Towel in her latest treasury, Winter Blues…{Treasury Game}!  Be sure to stop by and check it out, click and comment.  How awesome it would be to be featured in a treasury that makes it to Etsy’s front page!

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