Sunday Scripture Snippet – Mmmm, Tasty!

Psalm 35: 8

Taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

I love to cook.  I try to prepare just about every meal we eat from scratch, because those home-cooked meals, more often than not, just taste better.  Yesterday, I tried out a new soup recipe.  It simmered over a low heat for a few hours, and it had the whole house smelling absolutely wonderful!  I was really looking forward to finally sitting down over a big steaming bowl and enjoying supper.

When supper time came, I ladled out a bowl full and grabbed a spoon.  I dipped the spoon into the bowl, raised the contents to my lips, and… wow, what a let-down.  The soup was ok, fair, passable, definitely edible, but not good. Up until that very moment, I had looked at the soup, smelled the aroma, even heard it bubbling in the pot, but until I actually tasted it, experienced it, I really couldn’t tell if it was good or not.  And I didn’t have to eat the whole bowl to determine it’s quality, one taste was enough.

I can listen to a sermon in church every Sunday.  I can dutifully give my tithe and offering.  I can try to always do the right thing.  But it’s not until I experience God, and get past all the peripherals, that I can know how truly good He is.  And, like my soup, one taste is all it takes to determine His quality.  Fortunately, the Bible has already assured me that God is good (thankfully, much better than my soup!).   And once I have tasted how good He is, I can’t resist another helping!

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