Tee Shirt Quilt – Part Three

I am so excited to have put a big dent in my tee shirt quilt this past week!  I had an extra day off of work (today), so that has helped out a lot.

Here’s where I stand so far:

All tee shirts have had interfacing applied, and all quilt pieces have been cut and all vertical columns have been sewn together.

I have layed out the colums on the bed. They overlap a bit, otherwise I couldn’t get them all on the bed. Now, its just a matter of getting the columns sewn to each other.

I have the first two columns on the left side sewn to each other.  Here’s a pic of them folded over so you can see a bit of the back as well.

Peek at the first two columns, front and back.

Here are a few notes at this point in the process:

~Pay attention to the stretchiness of your denim fabric.  Some of my jeans had more stretch in them than other pairs.

~Don’t forget to swap out your sewing machine needle for one made to handle heavy duty fabric.  I’m using a 16, and it seems to be doing very well.

~I sewed back and forth a few times across areas where four pieces of fabric meet, just to add a little more strength in those seams.

~Don’t forget to press out the seams.

That’s all for now.  Hopefully, I’ll finish up in the next week, and we’ll get to see the finished product!

**Special Note:

This past Monday was my dear hubby’s birthday!  He is such a a wonderful husband and friend, and daddy (to our puppies!).  He’s a good son, a hard worker, a man of God, and I am proud to be his “missus”.  :-)

Happy birthday!

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