The Creative Environment

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What does your creative environment look like?  Do you have one particular space in which you craft, or do you get creative pretty much anywhere?  Do you have a special craft notebook that helps you get inspired?  I once met someone who couldn’t get any work done unless she was holding her favorite pen.

For me, it depends on what I’m working on and where I am.  If I’m crafting from home, I almost always have my own special Celtic blend playing on Pandora in the background.  You’ll find me set up at the kitchen table, or, right now, in the garage, since I’m working on a super secret anniversary gift for my hubby. (more on that later)

If I take my crafting outside of the house, I’m usually listening to podcasts, such as Sister Dianne’s CraftyPod , Ira Glass’s This American Life, or the latest monologue from Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion.  Yes, I say with no shame that I am an NPR nerd.

So, I guess in my case, my creative environment is more auditory than visual or physical.

How about you?

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