The Dog Ate My Crochet… No, Really, She Did

I have been working on a child sized version of my “Did You Ever See A Lassie” hat and scarf.  Mostly, during the week, I do my crafting when my sweet little charge is down for a nap.  This past Friday, I was doing just that, when she woke up a bit sooner than expected.  I sat down my crocheting in the middle of the table, and pushed everything else on the table closer to the center as well, before heading to her bedroom.  After rocking her for a few minutes, and then changing her diaper after realizing she wasn’t going to fall back asleep, I walked out of her room and discovered this:

The youngest dog had taken advantage of my absence, somehow managed to get up on the table, and pilfered my crocheting!  She had run up and down the hall about four or five times, unraveling and unrolling yarn as she went, and then chewed through a few outside rows of my hat!

Oh well.  Back to square one. :-)

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